Reducing Risks in Software Development

In the previous article, we were talking about the possible reasons that can lead to the software development project’s failure. We have made a conclusion that the core problem that most developers are dealing with is a wasted time.

Besides those reasons, there are some risks that software development teams are facing every day. But it is always easier to prevent the negative event than to deal with its’ consequences. Having this in mind, we would like to share with you how we minimize risks during the development process.

  1. Flexibility and readiness to adapt to changes.

When dealing with any long-term process that requires a lot of time, efforts, and resources, it is always useful to split it into phases. This can help you to react promptly to any unexpected changes. The same method can be applied to the software development process.

Your first stages should be an investigation of consumers’ tastes and demand. Afterward, you can start developing a minimum viable product. Next stages of the process are also performed gradually. This approach provides you with the flexibility needed to reduce all the possible risks.

  1. Involving users in the development process.

It is also a good idea to involve users in a software creation process from time to time. Ask regularly your users’ opinions about the complexity of navigation, the user experience, and a design of the software during the development process.

Define the focus group of your key trusted users and give them temporary access to bug tracking tools, project management systems, etc. This will allow them to track the development process and to report on possible problems. The third party’s point of view always helps to think objectively.

  1. Regular release of the software.

You will not be surprised if we’ll tell you that it is important to offer users a demo version of your software to minimize a risk of a failure. This approach will help you to identify possible weaknesses of your product before wasting months on developing the software that users won’t like.

Develop the MVP (minimum viable product) as a proof of concept for your software and ask your target audience’s opinion about it.

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