Online medical software with a symptom checker and online medical consultation.



MS SQL Server 2014

Entity Framework



Angular 1.x




Project Overview

SaglikLokman is a medical software which was created to help users easily and quickly identify a disease they may have and to get a medical consultation. It is possible with the help of  the detailed symptom checker platform embedded in the software and online consultations with SaglikLokman general practitioners and specialists. It is a convenient way to get medical attention from home!


The Turkish IT market is developing but still it is lack of competitive online services. The similar situation is observed in the healthcare industry which still demands innovative solutions. As a solution to these issues a unique medical software was needed.

Our client wanted to launch the product as soon as possible without sacrificing its quality. But most of the developers were dealing with massive core projects and did not want to get involved in the startup project.

The basic idea was to create a web-based health checker which will be intuitive and simple to understand for all users of any age with a possibility for them to quickly find help when they have defined their disease. Therefore, it was important to develop a software with a user friendly design and navigation.


DevUp Labs provided a client with the dedicated team of highly professional developers to focus on this project. The deadlines were determined, development plan was set and all the prioritized features were identified.

The first version of SaglikLokman was designed by our professionals, as well as initial wireframes were also created by the DevUp team. 

When a software meeting all the requirements and deadlines was finished and agreed with a satisfied clients, a small thing was left to be done. As the software is of a web-based type, it has to be indexed by search engines. Therefore, small releases took place, so that potential users could easily find SaglikLokman online.


  • An extremely useful innovative medical software was created with the help of DevUp Labs dedicated team and was delivered on time
  • The first MVP version of the product was built.
  • The solid, maintainable source code was accepted by the core development team.
  • As required by the client, SaglikLokman appeared to be intuitive, simple to navigate and with a user-friendly design.

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