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Project Overview

Quote Chef was created in the effort to automate business owners’ answers to the countless clients’ questions about the price of a product or service. With this software, simple and engaging quote request forms can be created. This method of quoting the price increases business transparency and as a result eliminates the disbelief in user’s clients.


Most of the services aimed to reveal price quotation are bombarding clients with numerous questions. As a result, this process becomes messy and complicated which may lead to a client’s disbelief and untrust.

It is clear that forms overloaded with complicated text are difficult for perception. It is a commonly known fact that most of the people more easily engage with visual content. This fact had to be taken into consideration.

Quite often clients may request a price for a product or service in the late night time. It is also a common situation when customers try to ‘lowball’ the price.

This is why the need for developing the software with logically structured, user-friendly and easily perceived quote request forms occurred.


We have carefully analyzed the client’s problem and proposed the following solution. The quote forms were brief with logically connected basic questions presented in the form of visuals. After answering a couple of engaging and visually presented questions, a customer could see a fair price for a product/ service customized to his particular needs.

A user does not have to acquire coding skills to create a form. We have developed a rich base of default images that can be used for a questionnaire. Moreover, we have integrated a File Stack to give a user an opportunity to upload images from his PC, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Photos and to search for images in Wikipedia, Flickr, and Google Image.

While creating a request form a user can choose the currency in which a price is calculated. He asks questions required to calculate the price associated with a particular product and adds value to each answer. This algorithm allows to provide a customer with a fair price, so it is a win for everyone!


  • Our DevUp team proposed an effective solution to the problems that occur when both a customer and a business owner want to have a fair price without any complications and misunderstandings.
  • Due to the proper continuous communication between the DevUp team and the client, the work process was fully transparent and highly efficient.
  • The software was carefully inspected for bugs by our QA specialist.
  • The QouteChef is now successfully utilized by dozens of satisfied users who are usually business owners or freelancers.

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