List Assist

A marketing web application for the lists storage, handling and update.

Technical Stack

Asp.Net MVC 5
MS SQL 2014
AngularJs 1.3
Autofac 3.5
Bootstrap 3.2
Elmah 1.2
Hangfire 1.4.2
jQuery 2.1.1
Lodash 2.4.1
Microsoft Report Viewer 2012
Selenium WebDriver 2.45
NUnit 2.6.4
EntityFramework 6.1.2
AutoMapper 3.3.1
NLog 3.1
Moq 4.2
Bugsnag 1.2

Project Overview

Developed specially for lists managers and owners, the ListAsist software allows to upload, group lists and generate reports, based on various criteria, run queries with endless select combinations, as well as provides lists templates, orders processing and shipping option, 24/7 control over your deals and much more.


Complex data upload

The outdated application version did not allow users to perform one of the key processes: upload list record data. As a rule, this task was conducted manually by developers and they could spend up to a week on it.

Data processing limitations

Limited application functionality did not allow properly process uploaded records and receive the desired amount of selections.

Low performance

Appliance of old technologies and wrongly engineered databases considerably slowed down the application performance.

Obsolete user interface

Outdated technology entailed numerous inconveniences during the application usage: it was not responsive, worked incorrectly in most browsers.

Legacy database engine

There were a few incorrectly designed databases, functioning separately without any interaction.


We have automated and considerably simplified the data uploading process, which now takes about a minute and can be performed even by a newbie.

To improve data processing, we thought over and developed convenient user interface, as well as conducted considerable functionality enhancement, which among all other things also included:
Creation of a new report type;
Reports export in various formats;
Reports upload by internal users;
New access restrictions for internal and external users.

For better application performance, our specialists applied the data warehousing approach. Based on the relational database engine, facts, and dimension tables, as well as on the extensive use of database views and stored procedures, it considerably reduced the processing time of counts and orders and secured easier system upkeep. The metadata driven query system allowed users perform quick counts and searches.

Using the latest technologies we have completely rebuild the application, which considerably improved user experience and made List Assist compatible with the latest browsers versions and with the most popular mobile extensions.

Outdated application database was substituted with the modern MS SQL Server database engine and all existing data was migrated there.We have also planned and implemented consistent interaction between the databases.

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