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Project Overview

Evalx is a revolutionary online survey software which was created with the goal to increase survey response rate and the mission to support charities. The mission is fulfilled when with each submitted survey a donation is made to the specific nonprofit. The goal is achieved when respondents receive a survey and find out that if they submit it, a donation is made to the chariеy of their interest.


The original EvalX software was limited by functionality and was not able to stand out in the competitive environment. It did not have the unique value proposition like the possibility to raise funds for charities.

The software’s user experience design and interface required enhancement and modernization. In particular, EvalX online survey software was not adaptive to mobiles and tablets. Without any doubts, it was a significant disadvantage in the digital era.

Moreover, this software originally forged for the teaching performance evaluation needs of higher educational institutions. Therefore, the target market was limited by the academic environment. The need in broadening the target audience appeared with time.

The technical stack was outdated and, as a consequence, it was difficult to support and enhance software’s features.


Our team has developed an updated and logically structured online survey software with user-friendly interface and design. It became adaptive to mobiles and tablets.

Moreover, the increased functionality of EvalX allowed broadening the user base of the software. It can now be used not only by academic institutions but also in the healthcare industry, for marketing purposes and regular research needs.

The other important feature that was added to the software regards to the process of spreading the online survey among respondents. We have provided several ways of sending out a survey. Now, a survey creator can either send a link to his research or send a survey directly via email. Furthermore, it can be embedded to the website of the user if it is needed. And of course, the most important enhancement was a proper set-up of the fundraising process.

Besides the development and technical support, DevUp Labs has provided a digital marketing assistance for this project. Our marketing specialists have created a pool of nonprofits that need support, and a base of donors who agreed to transfer donations with each fundraising survey submitted. Furthermore, the brand awareness of EvalX significantly increased due to the online presence and effective digital marketing strategy.


  • EvalX is gaining popularity among researchers and philanthropists. Its design and interface are intuitive, what makes creating surveys with the higher purpose easy and pleasant.

  • Due to the proper continuous communication between the DevUp team and the founder, the work process was fully transparent and highly effective.

  • All the bugs are manually identified by our QA specialist and carefully fixed by our developers.

  • Online presence and brand awareness are steadily increasing due to the digital marketing strategy developed by our marketing specialists.

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