How are Roles Assigned in a Software Development Team?

You have an amazing product idea, and you have decided to entrust a highly professional software development team to bring this product to life. It is a reasonable solution since working with a development company has a significant number of advantages.

So when you first see the people to whom you have assigned a highly responsible mission, your fair first question might be “Who is who in this team and whom should I refer to with questions and requirement?” On the example of DevUp Labs’ structure, we will briefly tell you about responsibilities and expertise of software development team members.

Usually, various software development teams conduct a common set of activities which is more or less repeating. Therefore, responsibilities are also assigned pretty similarly within software development teams. That is why we can consider a structure of DevUp Labs as a common pattern for most software development companies.

When you hire DevUp Labs to transform your idea into the high-level software product, you will meet a team of 3-6 professionals dedicated to your project. The first person you’ll be communicating with is a requirements analyst. His responsibilities include eliciting your requirements and the vision of a product and transferring this information to the rest of the team.

The first question a requirements analyst will ask you is ‘Which goals are you expecting your product to achieve?’. By this, he means long-run business goals that are important for you to consider the project to be successful. The second important question to which a requirements analyst will need an answer is more technically specific and it is the following: ‘Which goals a user is meant to accomplish with this product/set of features?’

The information is transferred from a requirements analyst to UI/UX designer, front-end, and back-end developers. They are those people who embed the abstract idea into a real coded software with all its options and features. A designer is responsible for the appearance and interface of your product.

Web developers are responsible for bringing a design to life in code. Front-end developer will make your software look great in any browser and any screen-size. Back-end developer will implement the logic of your software and make your software scalable and stable.

Another important member of a software development team is a Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist. Once an application is created, he is responsible for its quality and serviceability and regularly checks for possible bugs or inconsistencies.

As you can see, behind one successful project stands a whole team of professionals who have a particular bundle of tasks and responsibilities. If you want to transform your bright idea in a high-level product, contact DevUp Labs today, and the dedicated team with a rich technical expertise will be happy to help you!