Product Development: Freelancers or

Software Development Companies?

Once you have come up with the idea of a brilliant product, it is time to make the most important decision: whom to trust its development. Luckily, nowadays there are various options. You can learn to code and develop the software yourself (which will most likely take a long time), or you can delegate this task to professionals.

And even when delegating the task to someone else, you still have a choice. An IT market is full of experienced freelancers, and there are many software development companies of various sizes.

The choice is difficult. Therefore you should consider and compare all the advantages and disadvantages of each option carefully. In this article, you will find the comparison of benefits of working with freelancers and software development companies.

Advantages of hiring freelancers.

Having a particular set of skills and knowledge, a freelancer usually works as a contractor at various projects or is self-employed. Either way, he has an hourly rate for his work, and it is usually lower than a rate of a company from the same industry.

Furthermore, freelancers are flexible, since they do not have particular working hours and can work from any corner of the world. Besides that, freelancers are qualified in the particular sphere, and you can easily observe to what extent they are qualified by simply looking at their portfolio.

Advantages of hiring software development company.

When hiring a software development company for developing your product, you can rest assured that they will provide you with a solid technical expertise. Highly professional companies are always evolving and keeping up-to-date with new technologies.

With one dedicated team of professionals, you get front-end and back-end developers, UX-designers, QA’s and managers. And this is the best way to make your product 100% successful.

Furthermore, a software development company is interested in building a long-term partnership with its clients. So you can be sure that you will get support and maintenance on every stage at any point of time. For instance, if any bugs are revealed with time, you can always ask the software development team to fix it.  

Finally, as an official business entity, a software development company can offer you guarantees that are agreed and approved legally.

If you want to check the advantages of working with a software development company, contact DevUp Labs today, and we will easily transform your ideas into the high-level software products!