Bring Your Client Meetings to the Next Level

Client meetings are the essential component of a successful software development process. The more often they will take place, the more effective and trusted relations you will build with those people who entrusted you their idea and money. But not only the frequency of meetings is important for clients, but also the quality of your communication.

Sometimes due to the unclear goals, undetermined deadlines or lack of feedback misunderstandings may take place. That is why it is important to follow particular rules that will bring your client meetings to the next level. Find some of them below:

  1. Punctuality as a rule.

Being punctual is the rule #1 in successful business relations. You have to show your client that you value their time and thereafter – your relations. The best way to always be on time with the scheduled meetings is to use online calendars with the option to remind you about the upcoming meeting in advance.

  1. Professionalism lies in details.

With such elements of business ethics as a dress-code or attention and respect to the words of your client, you can reveal your professionalism. It doesn’t mean that you should be wearing a tie and a suit for each client meeting, but a smart-casual dress code is always a good idea.

As to attention and respect to your client, it is important not to interrupt him while he’s talking, and of course, it is not a good idea to answer a phone call or email during a meeting unless they are critical.

  1. Clear goal and agenda of a meeting.

Well in advance before the meeting it is always a good idea to think through the questions that need to be discussed. Think about which goals do you want to achieve with this meeting, how much time is needed for discussing each question.

  1. Follow action items.

This recommendation intertwines with the previous one. Create a list of action items – topics that should be addressed during the meeting.

  1. Ask for feedback.

After a meeting is over, write your client a thank-you email and ask him whether he still has questions left. Summarize everything that you have discussed, and propose topics for the next meeting.

We in DevUp Labs follow each of these rules to transform the partnership with our clients into an everlasting friendship.